Chrisland University



2016/2017 SESSION 

Resumption for fresh Students  Sunday, 2nd Oct., 2016 
Medical Examination/Records  3rd– 4th Oct., 2016 
Orientation Programme for New Students  5th–7th Oct., 2016 
Resumption for Old Students  Sunday 9th Oct., 2016 
Course Registration for New/Old Students  10th – 12th Oct., 2016  
Lectures Begin  17th Oct., 2016 
Mid-Semester Examinations 5th– 9th Dec., 2016 
Christmas Holiday  22nd Dec., 2016 – 4th Jan., 2017 
Matriculation 22nd Dec., 2016 
Resumption from Christmas Break/Lectures  4th Jan., 2017
First Semester Lectures End  17th Feb., 2017 
Revision Week  20th – 24th Feb., 2017
College Board Meeting  23rd Feb., 2017 
First Semester Examinations 27th Feb., - 10th March, 2017 
First Semester Break  10th – 26th March, 2017 
Senate Meeting for Consideration of 1st Semester Examination Results 21st March 2017 
Resumption for 2nd Semester  26th March, 2017
Second Semester/Course Registration  27th – 28th March, 2017
Lectures Begin 29th March, 2017 
Mid-Semester Examinations  15th – 19th May, 2017
Students’ Week  24th – 28th April, 2017 
2nd Public Lecture (Foundation Day Lecture)  25th May, 2017  
Lectures End  23rd June, 2017 
Revision Week  26th – 30th June, 2017 
College Board Meeting  29th June, 2017
Second Semester Examinations 3rd– 14th July, 2017 
Senate Meeting for Consideration of 2nd Semester Examination Results 27th July, 2017
Vacation  14th July, 2017 
Internship  24th July –15th Sept., 2017
Resumption for 2017/2018 Academic Session   
·         Freshmen 24th Sept., 2017
·         Returning  Students 8th Oct., 2017
·         Lectures  13 weeks 
·         Revision  1 week
·         Examinations  2 weeks 
·         Total  16 weeks.  





The second half of 2015-2016 academic session begins on Monday, 23rd May, 2016. The
first semester was quite eventful, and the number of academic activities, social networking,
sports and cultural events influenced positively the worldviews of our students. They
established friendships across creed, race, sex and ethnical lineages. It was a working and
busy vacation for them as they were engaged in a number of take-home mini-projects, and
are expected to make PowerPoint presentations upon resumption this semester.

The second semester promises to be interesting and as well exciting. The deliberate
inclusion and integration of entrepreneurial skills into the core courses in the different
disciplines will elicit potentials for innovation and creativity that are essential for invention of products and services.
The scheduled sports, talent hunt and social/cultural activities are
expected to promote the spirit of love, brotherliness and healthy competition among the students and staff.

A number of educational visits as scheduled would take the students to few industries,
historical and tourist sites across the country for out-of-class experiences and exposure.
Students would construct and build gardens and parks around the campus and the host and
adjoining communities as part of community beautification projects.

We expect visits from a number of academics and students from national and
international institutions to our University campus for academic meetings and training
programs. We would equally host few prominent Nigerian and African leaders and captains
of industries at our 1st public lecture slated for Tuesday, 21st June, 2016.

We enjoin you to enjoy every moment, and be guided by our core ethical values of:
Integrity, Honesty, Excellence and God-like Characters. We must always lend a helping hand
to those in need within and around the University community.

We are ONE, and members of Chrisland Big Family. We must always show forth our light
to the world.