I write to reiterate my resolve to reposition Chrisland University for more effective service delivery and better performance in order to improve on our present status and global ranking. Therefore, there is the urgent need for re-evaluation of activities the past few months of our existence as a university. It is expedient that we take a holistic look at what we have done right and what our challenges are moving forward. We will re-define our roles as a university, re-strategize for future maximum impact and as well be able to keep alive those original virtues and core values that once defined us as a world class University. I wish to further express our commitment to providing a brand of education both in teaching, research and character development that would engender rapid evolution and transformation of African societies through ingenious applications of home-made alternative technologies that can address African peculiar developmental challenges. There is the need to urgently re-structure the University. However, the expected changes will be painful but the University will emerge better for it, and our collective aspiration of a truly world class entrepreneurial University will be achieved. We will continue to ensure high-level professionalism in the discharge of our duties and functions. It is important that all our academic and research activities become student centred, as we are in this business to serve them and help them achieve their life ambition of better and greater world citizen. We will henceforth fully deployed our e-learning platform to providing e-resources, teaching/learning interactions between students and faculty, student examinations and feedback. I wish to express my appreciation to those staff who have worked with the utmost dedication and commitment to the vision of the University. I assure you that better days are ahead. So let us all work with a mind of achieving a resounding success in the months ahead. I look forward to joining you all at our University first public lecture and matriculation ceremonies slated for June, 2016. Let's join hands to make our University proud.