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Our Mission

The Mission of the Chrisland University is ‘to create a learning environment that nurtures a sound moral and intellectual culture that attracts an excellent blend of faculty from across the world, and deploys resources to educate the total person’.

The university hopes to attract talented youths, to teach and inspire them to advance the realm of knowledge by cultivating their faculty of academic enquiry, creative scholarships, research discovery and the application of new knowledge to the transformation of the individual and society

Our Vision

The vision of the Chrisland University is ‘to become a world –class university renowned for intellectual freedom, ethical standards, research, community service and the outstanding training of a new generation of leaders’.


Chrisland University is anchored on the philosophy of character and learning hence issues relating to indiscipline are dealt with without fear or favor. The Institution has zero tolerance for any form of anti-social behavior be it drug abuse, cultism, indecent dressing or truancy. The University runs a Chaplaincy and the Chaplain, Rev. Juwon Onasanya who assumed office in 2018 has kept the spiritual and moral environment of the University. 

Our Motto

"Intellectual Radiance" is the University's motto. This underscores the value the University places on achieving excellence, sound, moral and intellectual freedom infused with godliness, ethical standards, character, and community service in all of its programmes and training to educate the total person.

Core Values

The core values of the University shall be intellectual freedom, ethical standards, research, community service.

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