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About Dr. 'Kayode Akinsola

Dr. 'Kayode Oluwaseun Akinsola, is a distinguished legal professional, academic, and prolific author. Graduating with a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Ibadan and later earning his Barrister at Laws qualification from the Nigerian Law School. His educational pursuits extended to obtaining an Executive MBA from Business School Netherlands, followed by a Master of Laws (LL.M) and a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) from Charisma University, British West Indies. Throughout his career, Dr. Akinsola has showcased a commitment to legal scholarship and intellectual inquiry, delving into various facets of law, particularly corporate governance and sustainable business practices. He is a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Law, Chrisland University and currently holds the position of Ag. Dean of the Faculty.

His research covers diverse legal domains, including corporate law, governance reforms, consumer protection, and sustainable business practices. Dr. Akinsola's publications reflect his deep understanding of contemporary legal issues and his ability to offer insightful perspectives on complex topics. His expertise also extends beyond academic publications to the authoring insightful books that offer practical insights into legal and corporate matters. Among his notable works are "Compliance with Nigerian Regulatory Agencies: A Guide," providing valuable guidance on navigating regulatory requirements, "Modern Approach to Corporate Law and Practice," offering a contemporary perspective on corporate legal principles, and "An Overview of Corporate Governance in Nigeria," delving into essential aspects of governance frameworks. Moreover, his membership in various professional bodies, including the Nigeria Bar Association, the International Bar Association, and the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (UK), underscores his commitment to professional development and engagement within the legal community.

In addition to his academic responsibilities, Dr. Akinsola has actively contributed to the legal profession, notably as a Partner at Queens Attorneys LP. His tenure in legal practice involved overseeing firm operations, providing legal representation, and engaging in corporate services and strategy development. His multifaceted career trajectory underscores his versatility and deep-rooted commitment to advancing both legal education and practice.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Dr. Akinsola finds joy in recreational activities such as playing golf and fostering social connections. He values the importance of work-life balance and endeavours to maintain a holistic approach to his personal and professional life.

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